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Barrie Spence Photography

Much of my own personal photography (nudes & some fashion/editorial test shoots) doesn’t fit well on the main portraiture photography site for the general public, so to allow me to showcase this work, we have created Barrie Spence Photography.

Like Spence Photography and Pavilion Photographic Studio it is another WordPress site and because consistency is important, it uses the same design. One major difference is in the textual content – there is considerably less focus on search rankings because that’s simply not important to a personal portfolio.

Spence Photography

Something of a personal project, Spence Photography is our new business venture. As Spence Photography, we will offer a high-end portrait photography service – babies, kids & family, boudoir, etc. – it’s a bespoke service, so we will aim to meet the needs of each client. The studio premises will obviously host the portraiture business,… Continue Reading